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Okay so its been a while….
Mainly because I’ve been trying to sort my web hosting out… ps. DONT GO WITH 24/7 !!! I haven’t received anything (web space) since I last blogged and it’s annoying because I haven’t really been able to proceed with my stuff ! :/ Emailed them 3 times in the last 2 weeks, and called them but nothing… Looking for a refund now…
Buuut I’ve learnt a lot!

My Assignment – How to obtain a domain name, how to get hosting, and how to set up a single CMS.


How to obtain a domain name
The domain name is used as the url you will want for your website eg.
This is a rather simple but time consuming task (If you like to do research).

First, you need to choose a hosting service to select your domain name. You might wanna look around…

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