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BANGALORE: In 2006, soaring hotel costs and traffic snarls led to build Le Terrace, a four-star hotel with 500 rooms for its employees and overseas clients in its campus in Bangalore’s Electronics City.

Eight years on, the software industry posterchild is about to embark on generating its own power, in the process saving costs, getting clean reliable power for its operations and fulfilling its broader obligations to society.

Infosys has proposed a 50 mw solar park in Karnataka, becoming the first software company in India to think of generating its own power that will meet a bulk of the electricity needs of its offices in Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore.
Karnataka’s Energy Minister DK Shivakumar told ET on Monday that Infosys had held one round of talks with the state government in which it had expressed keenness to build the solar power facility. “The company will buy land on its own,”…

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