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How do hackers make money? It’s one thing to find a flaw in a software or hardware system that gives you a way to control a computer. Fine, now what do you do?

Increasingly, you turn those hijacked systems into a mining operation for digital currency, according to cybersecurity researchers at Dell SecureWorks.

SecureWorks recently tracked a case they say is the single most profitable such illegitimate mining operation uncovered so far.

Last year a researcher in Luxembourg disclosed a vulnerability in devices made by the Taiwanese company Synology. Synology sells what’s called network-attached storage, essentially file servers that are simple to plug into a home or small-business network and make storage and sharing easy—too easy, it turns out.

The operating system allowed access to the device from the Internet, without a login or password, opening the door for attackers to take control. A Google (GOOG)search in October showed the Internet addresses of more than 1…

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